Human Kain Progress

Human Kain (Basic Facial Model)

Greetings from the wee hours of the morning :p Since my last post, I’ve gone into my Human Kain and revised him a lot since last I left him months ago. Elder Kain’s rigging I put on hold, due to some issues I ran into. I’m not sure if anyone knows the answer, but if you know why 3DS Max shows duplicate “elements” in the mesh, and if deleting those is problematic, like would it screw up the UVs, then please let me know. I’ll get to it and check myself, but after fussing with the rigging process there and in Maya, it’s a tedious thing. I’d rather sculpt, for sure. Also, if anyone out there is proficient in skin weighting meshes, any advice would be also greatly appreciated. It’s a pain.

Anyway, human Kain. So, my human Kain’s body and features all are made by using the elder form overlayed for reference, so he’s the Kain that would absolutely evolve into the elder form. I’ve toned down his mass only slightly, but his body type and everything match still the elder form he becomes. Matching his plated skin back down to what it would come out of in muscle shapes, working in an actual human anatomy, the images in this section are the result.

His arms and legs will most always be covered, so they are separate items. I keep them mostly only the shapes, without too much detail. The hands being the exception, since we’ll see them eventually in his BO2 outfits. I’ve tightened up his crotch and butt area after this pic, since so much in pants and such has to go over top of this. This is the base form, from which I extract and mold over the armor and which will spring forth his fledgling vampire form, eventually.

Areas on his face as a vampire are not yet there, of course, like his thicker, arched brow, his ears, and even the puffiness of his mouth where the fangs will be. Less puffiness in the mouth, drawn back more, regular brow, etc. Even so, it still mostly matches his elder self, minus looking like a thicker mask grown out of his face.

Obviously, the hair is just the base shape for now and Kain’s still pretty moderate in the polycount. I won’t fully detail him until he’s first retopologized and brought back in, subdivided up. I won’t be making the same mistakes I made before. The upper eyelids are kind of a pain to make on humans. They fold under the fatty part from the eyebrow; getting that to fold right takes some effort. I hope it works better after better topology. I still might tweak some things after this, too.

So, some have already seen these images. I’ve also included the armor I’m making for his Army of the Last Hope uniform. This is the armor he had as a human when he was murdered. It’s not going to be the same as his Iron Armor this time, just a white version, as it was in BO1’s video. I’m trying to make a clear distinction and there’s a huge area of wiggle room here for making something out of what we saw in those early CGI videos. What I’m going for is a bulkier armor set than what he’ll have as a vampire with the Iron Armor, and I’m making it a proper armor from Ottmar’s army, meaning it’ll have the Lion’s crest insignia over his left breast (our right, viewing him). I’m trying to infuse a more Germanic Medieval style to it.

I’ve just finished adding in a couple of rivets there, but you can expect a lot more, and leather straps showing where the armor pieces wrap around, so nothing is just floating in space. I’ve put a coif around his head and neck (which will be the chainmail hood that protects the head from the helmet on knights) because I will be modeling a helmet for him. Basically, if he enters the Tavern, the first shot seen of him is him taking off his helmet, and then the pulling the coif down to reveal his face and hair. You know … eventually.

The coif and the undershirt he’s got on both are absent their texturing. The coif will be chainmail, while the shirt will be covering over another layer of chainmail. The shoulder pauldrons are calling back to Kain’s double ones in BO1, even though that’s not quite what you usually see on Germanic medieval armor. I’m trying to make that work without going too far. It’s rather easy to make things too big/wide, but I think I’m finally liking the shape. Took some time and trial and error to get the shape better. That’s true for all of the armor, really. Unlike other outfits that are more defined, I have to find what works for this one.

I picture Kain as more than just a noble playing dress-up in armor, but as an actual proven warrior. Basically, he probably already saw the hypocrisies in the nobles, and also due to his size and strength, decided to forge his way as a warrior in the army )he probably has a bit of skill in every facet, due to being the Balance Guardian). While we have gameplay mechanics we could say is a reason for this, basically Kain’s assassins were like 12, or more strong and they cordoned off the entire way in and out of this town just to take this one man down. Sounds to me like they weren’t taking chances and sent all they had at him. Without his feet and crown, I’m picturing Kain at about 6’4″, and I didn’t want him too bulky, but built like the person who’d evolve again into elder Kain. However, he’s a pretty built guy, with considerable size and strength and with prowess with the sword (and carrying about 70 lbs of armor, most likely). So, it makes sense they went to such lengths (also take into account the more men and effort they spent, the less money between them they got).

I’ve crafted together some riveted maille, the type of chainmail actually worn into battle (the rivet locking the wrings for added support against blows). We’ll see if that is noticeable.

I only see people using regular rings, but I wanted it to be authentic. We’ll see.

Anyway, more to come. As always, this is a work in progress, so feel free to offer any critiques.

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