Revised Armor

Human Kain - Armored

Ok, this feels much better to me. I took the best of all worlds into consideration when updating the armor. I slimmed Kain down, nixed some of the concept of heavy medieval into the armor. What I was missing in doing that was the feeling of Nosgoth, of Blood Omen 1, of the style. This finally realizes what it should be, an upgrade to his armor.

The shape of the armor is more in line with the ingame screens of BO1, yet with a little bit of the FMV, in the center gold trim of the chest plate. I was able to incorporate some of the painting in the sash across his waste and the either metal skirt, or hard leather flaps over his maile (haven’t made my mind up totally what it will be) which helps flesh out his waist area without the heavy tassets from before (for the record, he has also a groin guard and but flap under all of this, which I added to make sure what I put on top fit naturally over that).. My fellow compatriots always of help, I was in agreement that his chest plate and lower waist needed some hard leather, or some type of bridge there. The suggestion of a kidney belt by Hashakgik888 is what I went with, modified a bit for the style 🙂 Like his gloves, making it a died red leather still keeps the look of the BO1 armor.

I’m going for maile enforced gloves this time, with the metal pieces sown in on the top, instead of the heavy knight’s gauntlet from before. This was what I would have had for him as contrast on the Iron Armor later, but I think it makes more sense for him now and it looks right.
Further helping the waist area’s look is the addition of his needed accessories. The belt there with the loops is where his sword’s sheath will go. On the other side, he has a satchel with his goodies, including his money purse, which he’ll pull out to show the barkeep that he’s got money, please don’t toss me out without my cup o’ ale!

On the satchel, I’ve raised an etching of the top portion to Kain’s family crest.

On his thigh armor I’ve added the dual fins and below his knee guard, the gold winged accent. I’ll add more detail to a lot of this, just showing the progress. I’ve added belts, buckles, still need a few more of those… Most of the areas that need straps have them. Need some rivets and more buckles, and a rope tie for the satchel. Stuff like that.

As for Kain’s accessories, this is mostly it. I think I’ll also give him another strap from the belt holing his sheath. That one will hold a backup dagger. The other major thing is his travel bag, which will be strapped across his chest and hang over his back. He’s out traveling, so he’s going to have a back of his stuff with him. I also might add in a cloak, much like the cape we see in the painting. That won’t last for long. When the assassin’s ambush him, he’ll most likely remove it to fight them, or it will wind up torn off. However, on a kind of night I’m picturing, chilly mid-fall, drizzling, a cloak to help keep out the chill makes sense.

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