Follow-up On Human Kain

Evolved Kain - Full Head Render

I posted this on Eidos about a week and a half ago (how time flies -_-), but here’s an update on how human Kain is progressing, along with preliminary weapons including the Iron Sword and his human sword. I have most of the flame sword working, but not enough yet to show.

Taking a break from human Kain, I’ve gone back to elder Kain to fix a little more. Since I didn’t model him with arms down, when his arms were put down, his forearms were a little short. I’ve lengthened them and his gauntlets, so it’s now right. I’ve also found that I could use displacement maps to help out. the 32 bit ones I generated before didn’t work well in Marmoset, but regular gray-scale height map versions work better. His lips angle better and have near the fullness and shape of the high poly version from Zbrush. It’s subtle, but it’s a lot better. Even his chin juts out a little more. The eyes are still wider, to me, than in Zbrush, but this is his blank stare, no expression pose anyway. I fixed his cape, so now it shows the actual folds I wanted it to. A few days lost fighting a bug in Zbrush’s transpose master, and then fighting 3DS Max’s cloth simulator that decided to crash like every five seconds … and which ironically didn’t do a better job than I did already sculpting the cape… After that, things have been smoother. I was, also ironically, fighting this while trying to take a break from it all. The realization that me, alone, cannot achieve what I want again plagues me. I’m altering the deal, however. Pray I don’t alter it any further (a certain Lady of the Sith will enjoy that one, heh). Considering the time and effort I’ve put into this all, it’s time I started making things shine that I can and getting them seen, and seen big.

I’ve found that posing him, he’s really shining now. I’m working on something big, showing him posed in an actual scene. So, that means I’m modeling the scene he’s in. It will be a bit before that’s finished, but know that when I show a posed Kain, he’s going to rock. And rock hard.

I am also thinking of posing his face better and redoing the mock-ups from SR1 and 2. You’re going to see how close he really is, because when his face is posed, it’s amazing how much he springs to life. So, human Kain’s kind of on the back burner right now, but this might all tie together nicely anyway.

Stay tuned…

PS: Things sure feel more like home around here, don’t they? 😉

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