The Whole World in His Hands

Human Kain's Hand (Textured)


I wanted to update, finally, the progress on human Kain. When last I updated, I did expect to make more progress by now, but the thing about hands is they hold an enormous amount of detail. In fact, and because I am not mirroring the detail, Kain’s hands have taken more time than his entire head and torso did. So many little wrinkles, folds, etc. Well, as time-consuming as it is, I’ve seen other Zbrush artists that make work which rivals real life. In order to compete with what’s going on, and simply because I have to make it the best it can be, I have to keep at it until it’s right.

I have probably just some touch-ups and maybe a little more where the skin meets the nails to detail. I’ll paint the hands to match Kain’s skin tone on his body after this, which I would love to show, but I want it all to be ready. By the way, the funny thing of course is that I don’t even need these hands and forearms for human Kain’s render. He’s fully clothed in Blood Omen’s intro. I might, though, if ever I get to making his death cutscene, show his corpse after he’s been slain in his crypt and that will need his upper body without clothing. Otherwise, the main reason for this is eventually it will be needed. I won’t need the hands when Kain’s a vampire in BO1 outfits, but I will in his BO2 ones. So, this is way ahead forethought.

His left hand, with every pore, wrinkle, even fingerprints. Modeled looking at reference images, and my own hands (hard to find really close and precise images all of the time). There’s a little bit of me in there :p I used alphas, but a heck of a lot of it is hand-etched with the dam standard and standard brushes. After I paint these, I’m going to add body hair on his hands, forearms, and even chest and torso. I’m not talking Wolverine-hairy here, but Kain will look like an actual male with hair in the spots you’d expect. As a human, also, he’ll have some stubble, being on the road adventuring for so long, and all. After I get a sense of how the skin shader will look rendered, I’ll go back and add even more detail, like pimples and scars.

Anyway, a quick update for tonight. Soon, Kain will live 🙂

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