More Progress On Human Kain

Human Kain (Basic Eye Render)

Since my last post, I’ve really gone into painting his skin. So much so that I started to get doubtful that I was doing a decent job on it. Just in case anyone wondered, yes I doubt what I am doing sometimes. Kain looked ok in Zbrush, but it just wasn’t punching the detail I know I was adding and it just felt too saturated. I should have known there wasn’t so much to worry about. I remember I had the same feeling when working on elder Kain. You can only really do so much, color-wise, in Zbrush. Eventually, it’s best to take it into Photoshop and work some magic there. His skin came alive with just some basic duplicates of the layer and a photo layer to cool it, which brought out the details, and basic hue and saturation changes. Very happy that it’s working. It’s still not done. I have the last bit of detail to add, which are moles, some more bumpy, freckles, splotches — things that basically we all have in our skin — and scars. That much will do him and then it’s a question of checking it out outside of the materials in Zbrush, in Marmoset, to see it rendered more accurately. I won’t add pimples and dirt, which will be the final layer, until I am sure it’s all working on its own (not a lot of hygiene opportunities on these medieval road trips, after all). That level of detail will be unique to human Kain and won’t be carried over into his vampire form.

Same goes for the stubble I am contemplating giving him. I’ve got high poly hair in Zbrush for him modeled using the fibermesh stuff. There is the hair on his head, a stubble beard, chest and body hairs that I’ve blocked out. This stuff might be useless, but there is supposed to be a way to convert the fibermesh as curves in Maya,then convert the curves to polygon cards, or strips that I can then use to show hair transparencies. I hope it works.

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