The Prodigal Son Returns

Lieutenant Raziel - Head Base Sculpt

As I noted in the last post, I was putting the work on Blood Omen Kain on hold for another pressing project. With the 15th anniversary of Soul Reaver here, well, what else would commemorate it better on my end than to actually sculpt a recreation of Raziel?

Not the wraith form yet. For a few reasons, namely to do with I’d want to built that form out of his once intact form, and also I will want to do simultaneously the human Raziel when he was a Sarafan. So, this start the model of Lieutenant Raziel. I’m attempting, like Kain, to rebuild it as exact to the GlyphX model as possible. So, here he is (just the base sculpt with everything blocked, and not textured).

Heh, I’ve opted to hide his other arm, so it’s not peaking out of the cape. And like Kain, I’ve also included a little gif to show how close this is to the GlyphX render:


Thinks are still in blocked initial sculpt form, so something like the ratty edge of the collar there will be cleaned up. I was able to modify the greaves, feet, and claws, from Kain to help speed things up a little, but everything else new.

I’m only planning on altering a couple of things to fit with the rest of the games, his wraith form, and logic. The first: his wings. In the intro, they pop out of a tiny spot in his pants, which are just at the start of his lower back. However, in his wraith form always, the wings start from mid back down, from the triangle shape of the trapezius muscle, just under the shoulder blades. It’s the same spot that Janos’ wings and all of the Ancients are seen to come out of, too.

(Now, there are many things that aren’t followed to the letter from his model sheets to the final render, so this could have been a change that they wanted us to see. Not below, I will ask to find out, but this is my take on it right now). Raziel’s wraith model render and in the SR2 intro — note that when his wings fan out, the outer sides of them near the arms scoot up under the cowl, but naturally, they fall just a little lower than that back there.

On his wraith model there is also a significant hole and gash at the edge of where the wings meet his back, seen in this render, which would be where the bones were pulled out. The much smaller spot for the bones in his lower back emerging from his pants in the Intro would not match at all, and would not leave enough skin for wings. You can say it’s all a leap of faith to some degree, as Kain ripping out those bones should have ripped the wings off entirely, really. However, just going on what works with what’s left, the wings should be higher. Not on his shoulders, as seen on the Sentinels in Nosgoth, of course, just where they are on his model sheet and the wraith Raziel we know and love. It also saves me from trying to reconcile how they would form out of a tiny spot in his pants, and how his pants wrap around the bones so neatly. They’re some large wings. Did he wear the pants when he went into the chrysalis to evolve? If so, did the wings start as a tiny bulge out of that spot and grow as he slept? Perhaps, but what I rather think happened is that those wings were put there for that shot of his back only. Perhaps situated further up when moving they weren’t believable as being merged with his back. Maybe the wings float a little on the back, and that looked fake and they couldn’t get it to move right, so they put them there for a less noticeable spot.

I may be wrong on this all, but this is my reasoning, at least. Daniel Cabuco probably knows what the real story is, and I will ask on his site to be sure.

Anyway, with that out of the way, also included is Raziel with his wings. They might have put the wings higher up for this render below, since the wings are in nearly the exact spot as mine are now. The shot of him on the right in my render is in a similar perspective, to note how close they are. Also see his wings from the back. (There isn’t a ton of definitive information to get the rest of his uniform from behind, but I believe this is mostly accurate — things like the ridges on the calf part of his legs, like the similar ridges around his collar, will be added later on)

The other minor change I wanted to note, when I eventually texture him, I will darken his lips due to the curse, but I will try and make it look a little more natural, undead vampire, than solid almost black lipstick. I’ll show that along the way for feedback, too, but just a note.

Aaaaand so, happy anniversary again! 🙂 If I can eventually get the rigging and animation thing down, I would love to close out the year eventually with a redo of Kain and wraith Raziel’s first meeting in the Sanctuary of the Clans. I have the Pillars model started, along with the ruined blueprint, and I can make wraith Raziel from this above as my guide, so things should, hopefully, shape up to that end 🙂

Thanks for watching.

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