Back in Action

Human Kain Head (with Hair Variance)

Back to finally producing. It has been a while. A few things contributed to this. Trying to do too much, as usual. I had to clean up elder Kain’s topology for Soul Revenant. It needed work, and I needed to figure out how. It wasn’t too bad, just took time. I wanted to take another crack and learning rigging and animating. It just takes too much time and is very technical. I finally agreed to send them the model and let rabban, hopefully, rig it properly. So, I’m back to modeling. The first thing I wanted to do was finally finish human Kain’s skin and actually make hair for him. The Fibermesh concept stuff in Zbrush is basically useless. I think you can wind up converting, but it really just is an unneeded and long step. I wend back and made his hair from layered polygon strips, now with alphas applied. The same with hair on his body; his chest, eyebrows, sideburns, a few bits on the face, arms, and even nose hairs have accentuated polygon areas. I’ve sculpted in the rest and it blends well. Very happy with how it’s turned out. I’ve added more detail to Kain’s face, fixed his nose to be more down-turned as elder Kain’s is, fixed his eyes. His nails were modeled separately, but it became clear that it wasn’t going to work like that in low poly form, so I went back in and combined the hands with nails, reworking the topology. I’ll need that when making vamprie Kain.
So, here should be the final human Kain head and body.

I’ll move on to Raziel now and the next time I post human Kain, I’ll have his armor and clothing done. the arms are still separate from the body, if you notice. The arms are always covered in all of his outfits and armors, but I might still need him continuous, if ever I can get the recreation of BO1’s opening out of my head and made into reality. But, anyway…

Incidentally, I’ve attempted a white hair version and it looks really good. I definitely am looking forward to making fledgling vampire Kain. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll have something more before Christmas.

Vae Victis!

PS: Part of the problem in creating this stuff, my ongoing battle with sleep apnea. It’s really severe at times. It comes in waves, with less time when it’s not bothering me and more severity to it lately. Waking with significant pain in my chest and pressure of my heart is no joke. I’m going to seek out a lawyer after the holiday and see if I can get help in getting it treated finally. I cannot just hope it’s going to get better, though I have tried options…

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