First Post of 2015

Client's Mother (Closed Smile)

I hope that everyone had a happy New Year 🙂

I have no LoK work to show this time. I’ve been busy doing some paid commission work for a subscriber from Facebook, John Hamard. I’ve been asked to model likenesses of his family members, starting with the likeness of his late father, who passed away last year. It’s quite the honor to be approached for something that important. The models are being created for 3D printing, which thankfully isn’t as intensive as doing models for games and animation. It’s taken three nights to model a head and it’ll probably take that, or a little longer, for the bodies. So, it’s nice to be able to make something in a lot more reasonable of a time and to see it completed. I’ll start on the bodies of his mother and father next month, but here you can see the finished head models done so far.

His father (the original concept, which was a really unique and impressive one, was to model these characters to be printed as Dune (’84) action figures with instead his parents’ likenesses, and other family. So, that’s the reason why there’s a temporary model of Paul Atreides’ stillsuit from the movie, which John had from another artist).

I am not sure if John wishes me to share pictures of his family for comparison, but he was very happy with how the likenesses turned out, so I’m glad of that 🙂 I enjoyed doing these a lot.

Modeled and rendered in Zbrush.

Working on that Kain topology again, now that we have a break between these. Hm, I tell ya, I’ll be glad for the day when topology is fully automated and no longer an issue at all. That, or maybe I just need to become a 3D print modeler from now on :p

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