John’s Father – Full Look

Client's Father (Smiling)

Hello all. After my last post, I had some revisions requested by John for his father’s likeness. With that complete, last week I worked on the body for his father. Both this and the sculpt of John’s mother will be eventually posed together and dressed in their original wedding attire.

Everything was modeled in Zbrush for blocking. To get the clean shape and edged, each part was then retopologized in 3D Coat, then brought back in and subdivided with creased edges at various parts. I also UVed the suit coat, pants, collar, and tie so that I could apply a texture in Zbrush for the fabric detail and have it travel along the model as if it were stitched that way. There are insert brushes in Zbrush for laces on shoes and for buttons, but I modeled each myself, since I needed a specific look to each. Plus, it wasn’t that hard to do. The end of the laces I did use the part of the insert mesh from the laces brush, though. All of the details are still kept broad enough to hopefully register when the model is printed small. That is something I tried to keep in mind as I worked.

I’ll tackle the body for the mother in two week’s time. In the meantime, John’s much appreciated business is now about to fund some upgrades, namely I’m about to update Zbrush. They’ve released Zbrush 4R7, which has a looot of great new features. On the fly modeling, like box modeling on steroids, automatic rememshing that really seems to work (no more spirals!), and they’ve made a version for 64 bit machines. I’m very hopeful that this will finally be what I’ve been looking for to speed things up. If I can eliminate just the retopology hours of work, that will be worth it.

Expensive, though. I hope to get back to Kain and maybe finally get his model fixed for animation properly. Raziel isn’t far from being done, either, so this is the good start to the new year that I was very much hoping for 🙂

Thanks for watching.


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