Final Mother and Father Posed

Parents Medium Posed (Close-up)

I wanted to share this last week, but computer problems arose preventing me. John’s parents are completed, fully modeled and posed in their wedding attire. Since they loved to dance together, that seemed to be a perfect pose for them. Below are the renders out of Zbrush.

In other news: I’ve fully rebuilt elder Kain’s low poly model and I’ve transferred over his textures to the new uv sets. I need to do a little cleanup, but for the most part, he’s about ready to animate finally. I made entirely new teeth and gums for him, since the ones I did before weren’t quite the right proportions.

I have been looking into some automated scripts to help in Maya to rig and animate. I think if I can take the bulk of the really tedious stuff out, it can be viable for me to actually do what I wanted to do from the beginning, which is to animate these Legacy of Kain models to recreate the scenes.

Here’s hoping it works.

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