“I am Raziel, first-born of His Lieutenants…”

Vampire Raziel Reveal

Greetings all,

I finally have Raziel to show and while my internet is cooperating (yes, another company is getting the boot), it’s time to let the Prodigal Son return. After getting back from E3, as I mentioned in the previous post, I wanted to finish vampire Raziel, along with his human version start on the torso, and human Kain — models that had been left in a bit of stasis as I learned animation and worked on other things. I’d been working on Raziel when I could, so the human skin and detailing portion of his head and torso was mostly done. I just needed to take everything else from the concept stage I showed last year to fruition. Raziel has a deceptive good amount of parts and this took time, definitely. Additionally, I really feel like I’m still fighting programs sometimes. Maya, especially. Random crashes and bugs to deal with. Every day I just hope something else doesn’t screw up… The “quick” rigging attempt I wanted to do to post Raziel wound up with issues. The wings had to be figured out, and wouldn’t you know it that I ran into a bug where Maya would seem to save fine when trying to constrain the cloth simulated portion of the wings to the bones mesh, but after exiting and trying to open the file next time in Maya, it would say it couldn’t read its own file data, basically, and crash every time. I found a better way to constrain it, but not without the headache from that. The people working in this field who have a support team that can help them in these very frequent times when everything seems to go wrong and it’s a nightmare, it must be nice…

Anyway, back to the happy thoughts. The model is done and ready to show. I tried to stay true to the GlyphX model, as best I could, in everything that would make sense. Minor discrepancy in the metal wraps around his chest. I have mine with the bottom wrap on to and the main link to the chest and back locks. My only reasoning for that was certain ways some of the images from the intro looked, but I did see later on others I have and the model sheet for him that the top metal wrap was on top. not sure how much that matters to the end design, but for right now, I’m not bothering with it. The second major alteration is that I added an additional segment to the “boot” portion of his greaves that cover his toes. In the original model, the Lieutenants’ feet have to bend when they walk, but they only seemed to have a single metal sheet covering each toe, yet they also have rivets where the toes bend at the knuckle, so it seems that it would make much more sense for these rivets to hold an extra metal segment, like any other medieval greave with a boot would have — like the greaves I conceptualized for human Kain to have.

Everything else is as accurate as I think I can make it. For Raziel’s lips, I tried to make them feel natural, darkened by the curse and with a bit of a stain from the blood he drinks (as noted once by Daniel Cabuco that this was the intent for the look), but not veering into the black lipstick look that the intro model does wind up having. It’s tricky not to go too far with that, but working from making the human skin first certainly helps. I can gauge that, the darkening around the eyes, and the sickly pale yellowing, or olive dead-like skin he has, while still making it hopefully feel like it was once natural skin.

I’m leaving the arms down pose as final for now. I do want to return to him to pose him in a few more dramatic and life-like ones, but I think I want to move on from him for now. It was important to get this done before the 15th anniversary year was up, so it’s out and that is a good thing. The model will have to be reduced a bit later, also. The low poly version here, with wings, the pauldrons, and everything, is right at 50,000 polygons.

Note the no hair version here. Marmoset is shadowing the full polygons of the hair planes when the hair is on, even if I have cast shadows off on the meshes. Those shadows wash out a bit more of his face than I’d like. Here, with the bald version, you can see better the form of his face, the vampire features of the arched and thickened brow, raised cheek bones and sunken cheeks. Also, I can show off the ears. You can just glimpse them in a few brief frames from the intro that they did seem to stick to the model sheet for Raziel, with the extra little spikes on his ear lobes and such. Further, I noted when modeling him that without his hair and with those ears and vampire features, it’s here that the menacing nature of the curse can be seen better. With the hair, he can almost pass for human entirely. The predator features get a bit concealed, as I am sure was intentional. Just my observation :p He doesn’t look bad bald though, heh.

Modeled in Zbrush, cleanup and low polywork in Maya, some in 3D-Coat, and UVing in 3D-Coat (some in Zbrush and Max). Polypainted in Zbrush, finalized texturing work in Photoshop. Maya for rigging. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2. I’ll make a separate post for the in-progress human Raziel. I will need to work a little on his human lips, as final testing in Maya showed me the vampire version was a little thinner than the GlyphX model. The original model’s images from the intro and promotional shots, and images of David Bowie were used for reference when modeling him.

With that, enjoy the gallery (The gallery images would work best reversed, so view it from the bottom up, if you can):

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