Final Human Kain Face and Body

Human Kain Chin Reduce (Update)

I worked on this a bit a couple of months back. The low poly model of Kain needed some work to finally be right. The last time that I showed him here, the chin and such was too close to the proportions of the thickened elder Kain’s face. I reduced it a bit and showed that on Deviant Art, but I knew that wasn’t quite right, either. I went a little too far and something weird happened to the lips. The eyelids also weren’t quite the right shape over the eyes that they were in the high polygon model. Finally, the waist needed to be corrected. I kept it slimmer than natural due to concerns of the armor and clothing covering it not having any penetration issues with the meshes. Turns out that I could make his proportions correct on his body without worrying about that. I gave myself the proper space when creating the armor.

And so I’m showing the revisions now. I’m finally completely happy with his face and body. Instead of waiting for the armor, I just couldn’t stand looking at the earlier WIP shots out there. It has to be right :p


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