Human Raziel Final Skin

Human Raziel Close-up

As promised, and now that I have a sliver of a window where this internet is working, here is the human version of Raziel. His floating torso, anyway. In the Sarafan Priest version of him, all I will need from this will be his head and neck. The full torso needed to be fully modeled and textured for the vampire version. The human skin was finished first and the vampire skin created from that. Also veins were sculpted in last for Raziel’s gaunt, semi-translucent skin as a vampire. His vampire features were modeled otherwise first, actually, save for the ears. It’s much easier to stretch the ears into the vampire ones than the other way around. Included is a shot from the back, since it’s a really interesting shot, where the place the wings come out of is sculpted. Modeled in Zbrush, some Maya; retopology in Maya, some 3D-Coat and uving in 3D-Coat, 3Ds Max. Polypainted in Zbrush; final texturing in Photoshop. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

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