THD’s Migration Is Complete…

The Hylden Dimension

Despite being a tad under the weather lately, I managed to complete work on all tasks requiring my attention in preparation for THD’s server migration. With that said, I elected to migrate this evening (one whole week ahead of schedule) and am pleased to report that everything has gone smoothly. We are officially back open for business!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to retain the email subscription list, so I ask that those of you who previously signed up for it to do so again, and encourage those of you who have not to do so in order not to miss any important updates from Patrick and THD.

As always, your support of THD and your patience with our migration is greatly appreciated. If you experience any issues during your visit, don’t hesitate to contact us accordingly.



~ A

Amber [THD Admin]

About Amber [THD Admin]

Amber is the designer & administrator of The Hylden Dimension. Located in the Motor City, Amber enjoys freelance photography, web development, programming, traveling, live events, conventions, and a little PC gaming now and then.

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