The Pillars Are Coming…

Pillars of Nosgoth (SR2 Game Render)

Hello, all. It’s been a long time. As some know, taking care of my dad with his health issues has taken precedent since late last year. Things are a bit better now. He’s home, finished the allotted physical therapy. He’s fallen a few times, though, and the last one was pretty hard. Anyway, things have been hard at times, but we’re managing.

I have been working, when I can, on a few things. Some major ones. The past couple of months, I’ve been crafting an entire map of the Pillars and surrounding locations in Unit 5.  Specifically, this map unifies the areas, paths, directions, and landmarks of Blood Omen, Soul Reaver 2, and Defiance. Soul Reaver 2 was the main template for the area, with Blood Omen 1’s map the master world template that this is can be drawn onto. I will show actual footage of this soon, hopefully tomorrow from when this is posted (there is a lot of footage to go through and edit). In addition to the map and the Pillars, themselves, I have the fully armored human Kain in all his regalia, with sword, and elder Kain within the scene. I’ll also be showing the fully aged Soul Reaver. Here’s the little teaser for the Pillars scene.

Over a year ago, a few select fans and myself collaborated to construct the definitive map of Nosgoth, which Square Enix asked us to do in order for the now cancelled ‘Nosgoth’ by Psyonix studios to have a truly authentic map of the world and within the series. Alas, that was still tied up within the legal department when the game was cancelled, so it never was adopted into the canon of the series by Square. However, for my purposes, and other projects, like Soul Revenant, this map is the quintessential map of Nosgoth. Collaborating with those fans, those run the Wiki and a few others (that I will name soon), I was tasked to do the final artwork, so this scene now follows from the extra curricular task within that project, which I took upon myself to do, in breaking down and rationalizing all of the paths seen within the games and trying to unify them logically within the actual world space, as if these could have existed even with just the map from the first Blood Omen game. It wound up working out nicely.

Zbrush used to sculpt the base of the Pillars area. World Machine used to procedurally finalize most of the weathering and final forms. Zbrush and within Unity used for further detailing.


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