Human Kain Render Complete in Full Armor

Human Kain (Front Dutch-Medium Cloak)

Since I have a bit of stuff to post, I’m breaking it up. One post per day, or so. This next one is human Kain in full armor. His Army of the Last Hope, or Lion Throne armor:

I’ve made a lot of improvements to the concept and also on just his skin. It was a bit too saturated before and some of the high poly details were lost on the low poly model. The shoulder pauldrons have been reduced to where they fit naturally around his shoulders. This is a re-imaging of the Blood Omen styled armors in a more realistic fashion, and pauldrons need to work with the arm, not be huge and bulky. Keeping it about in line with 13th to 14th century armors, which had not yet gone full plate, lets me break up the plate sections with something like the kidney belt around the waist, or letting show through some of his padded quit-patterned red gambeson. The other additions I’ve added hearken back to his portrait in Defiance, with the addition of a similar styled cape and red sash. The cape is actually practical. It’s not just one piece, or exactly like the one in the painting (though, it is very similar). There’s a thicker top section with leather trim sown onto it, which adds a little more protection from the weather for him. If he’s out in the fall, heading into winter, temperatures can get pretty cold and he needs something a little more than just a cape for protection. The brown leather trim on the cape also loosely follows the V part of his family crest symbol. I plan to have thew cape removed when the fight with the assassins takes place. So, vampire Kain won’t return with a cape when he has the Iron Armor.

His armor has some guiding in spots, just raising the uniqueness of his armor and his status a bit more than having solid plate. His gauntlets have metal plates sown onto the outer side with his family crest engraved and red paint around the crest symbols. This has historical precedence, as members of noble houses who fought under a baron, or king, would add painted symbols and engravings to their armors to designate their house. A lot of the time it was on their pauldrons, chest plates, or even their helms. Witcher 2 had that on characters’ armors, like Aryan and his men in the beginning. Kain also has the crest etched into the leather of his satchel, which is where I plan to have his money purse and items he’d need on his journey. So, he can pull out the money purse to pay the barkeep, who rejects him in the Tavern at Ziegsturhl. No ale for you!

Most everything is the same from the concept, really. Just the forms and details are further refined. I wanted the armor to feel like it was custom made to fit his form, not increase his bulk too much. His sword is not the Iron Sword. It’s the issued to him, or he acquired in Ottmar’s army — his knight’s long sword. I definitely wanted him to wield long swords, rather than the smaller hand and a half sword in Blood Omen. Something befitting his size and skill. While a nobleman, he obviously had skill as a knight, or else it wouldn’t have taken a hoard of assassins closing off the entire street of a town to ensure he was killed proper. They didn’t leave anything to chance. The belt and sheath follow a similar style in engraving and rivet patterns. The sword, itself, is also etched in similar fashion and with what would be a standard inscription for those pledged to fight in Ottmar’s army. Let’s see how many of you can translate it properly :p

Here are some reference images which fueled the concept:

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