The Fully Aged Soul Reaver and Renders of the Pillar Guardian Statue

Soul Reaver - Fully Aged (Close-up)

The Soul Reaver, fully aged and with the appropriate nicks. When I originally modelled it, I made it so parts can be taken and it can split in two. So, I can age it throughout its lifespan, show the time it was broken in the battle with William the Just, after it was healed, but retaining a couple of nicks to its edge, and further throughout its possession by Kain, until the time it’s last whole in the Soul Reaver future. Since the last time I posted it, I was able to thin the blade to a more realistic level. Before, it was having issues with shadowing when rendered. I found that was due to the way the normal were being rendered, so that’s been corrected. The blade doesn’t feel rounded at the edges anymore. The skull’s been aged, too. Not too brown, but enough to make it feel like it has existed a long while. They’ve found a skull some 10,000 years old that was about this color. So, sometimes bone can be fully petrified and turn a nasty brown, or sometimes it can look old, but still retrain the bone look. I’ve also uploaded a pic of it from about 1,000 years old, so the time when Janos tried to hand it off to Raziel, and later 500 years afterward, when it was found at William’s Chapel. Little more detail from the weathering comes through in the blade now.

I still want to make a video timeline of it, animated. One thing at a time, though. Modeled and painted in Zbrush, Photoshop. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2 for the low poly model.

Also, renders of the Pillar Guardian statue. This was the first time I’ve painted/textured a model in Substance Painter. It was very nice to build the weathering and make the levels of old marble feel correct in each of the maps. The high polygon sculpt in Zbrush had much f the weathered stone detail already sculpted in. Going forward, using a blend of the two will be ideal. She’s one of the Pillar Guardian statues I’ll probably be making. More will be needed. Like with the trim seen on Moebius’ robes, hers have symbols seen on the Pillars and throughout the series. She’s modelled in the classical Renaissance and Gothic style of Madonna statues.

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