Redeemer and Destroyer – Wraith Raziel

Wraith Raziel (Close-up)

Greetings, all. Finished the rigging on Wraith Raziel’s model, so I can not only show him, but show him in a natural pose. He didn’t take as long to sculpt. I didn’t have to subdivide his model into hundreds of millions of polygons, since he doesn’t have any micro-skin pores and skin details. I was able to get all detail on his body at a little over 10 million polygons, so that was nice. Modeling and texturing in Zbrush slows to a crawl when I have to go into “HD Geometry.” The arm bands probably took the longest to sculpt. I wanted them realistically to wrap around, with the flow of the fabric changing as the bands change. It’s also worth noting that nothing on him, well, save a couple of pieces of his greaves, are totally symmetrical. There are subtle variances all over his body, though the muscle groups are symmetrical on the human body — you wouldn’t expect them to be totally the same on both sides. I hope that subtle variance helps add that much more to the model. The spine and rib cage are more noticeable with this variation, but it’s the most prominent on his arm wraps. Each arm was detailed separately. The bit of metal pieces there were the fasteners that once held the darker wraps in place, and went over the lighter ones. Both of these would have been underneath the glove and leather arm harness he had on as a vampire.

Showing underneath his rib cage, it’s modeled pretty far up what used to be his digestive track; similarly, he has modeled what’s left of his windpipe and throat at the base of his neck.

In remaking wraith Raziel, I wanted to keep as much of the GlyphX cinematic model in mind, but also try for as much enhancements to realism as felt right. For instance, the GlyphX model was not modeled to be what vampire Raziel would have melted away into. The proportions are very different on things. His ear has migrated up his face; his arms are a lot longer and his legs are a lot shorter. Just for a couple of examples. Perhaps this was to reflect that his visage is warped due to waking up in the Spectral Realm and its distortion, along with this being basically what Raziel thinks he should look like. Anyway, for this recreation, I’ve made this model fit proportionally within the vampire model. So, this is what would be left over if his skin and flesh burnt away.

The other major realism enhancement is with the rib cage. Fans have discussed over the years the oddity going on with the various models in the game, with their rib cages. The GlyphX one has two ribs below the peck muscles and nothing else. On face value, this seems a mistake. However, if you look at a real rib cage, how the ribs connect to the sternum, these two would be the last two that directly connect, with some cartilage, to the sternum. The others below have more cartilage that morphs together and connects them all at once. I thought, if that cartilage melted away, it would leave only a portion of the ribs below, minus the “floating ribs.” In shaping the model, I also brought in a realistic skeleton model and molded that to proportionally fit to vampire Raziel. This helped with a few areas, but the rib cage was probably the area that benefited the most. It’s also worth noting that cartilage dissolves over time in bodies of water. This is why the remains of ancient sharks and species of fish only usually have the teeth and maybe an impression of the skeleton on the ocean floor for scientists to go off of. The teeth are the only thing made of bone in a shark’s skeleton. The cartilage is long, long gone. That works for why Raziel’s rib portions that are just cartilage melted away. Of course, then you wonder why he has a nose and ears left, but you can only explain so much :p He really shouldn’t have hair, or eyelids, or anything left of those wings, but he does.

I kept the double spine. It is a unique design concept. In addition, I worked on the back muscles and where the wings were ripped out to show how the muscles evolved back there to support the wings. His muscles have split off into more groups, thicker, to support what once were those new appendages. The holes in his back correspond to the large mantle of bone at the base of the wings on vampire Raziel. Fleshy strands from the wing bones being torn out were added on the model, and you can see deep into his back, exposing some of the shoulder blade and spine bone.

Regarding what’s left of his muscle, I contemplated adding in some veins that ride over the muscle, or through it. After a couple of attempts at adding those, however, I thought it wasn’t necessary. And perhaps those would be the first to melt away, as is. Of course, not where the wings are concerned, but again, not everything can be totally realistic.

These renders are in Marmoset Toolbag 2 of the real time model. All together, he’s a little over 25,000 quads, so about 50,000 polygons. That’s half of what elder Kain is, which is good news for Soul Revenant, I am sure. I’ll upload images of the Zbrush sculpt later.


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