Changelog #[0.1.6] 2016.12.15 – Debugging

The Hylden Dimension

All notable changes to THE HYLDEN DIMENSION will be documented in this changelog.

## [Unreleased][unreleased]
### Changed / Added / Fixed
# Launched / Migrated

#[0.1.6] 2016.12.15
# Migration Preparation – Debugging

  • Complete cosmetic and functional overhaul of THD continues
  • Final test of cosmetic and functional features
  • Re-evaulation of “links” section
  • Installation of additional functional features and security measures
Amber [THD Admin]

About Amber [THD Admin]

Amber is the designer & administrator of The Hylden Dimension. Located in the Motor City, Amber enjoys freelance photography, web development, programming, traveling, live events, conventions, and a little PC gaming now and then.

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