#[0.1.8, 1-2] 2016.12.18 # THD Remix v4.0 Launch

The Hylden Dimension

All notable changes to THE HYLDEN DIMENSION will be documented in this changelog.

## [Unreleased][unreleased]
### Changed / Added / Fixed
# Launched / Migrated

#[0.1.8] 2016.12.18
# THD Remix v4.0 Launch

  • THD Remix v3.0 implemented
  • Relaunch of new THE HYLDEN DIMENSION website
  • Site powered by WordPress & Awaken Pro framework
  • Designed & coded by AWDN
  • All stylesheets independent of framework
  • Changelog added

###[] 2016.12.18
# ##THD Remix v4.0 – Changes/Additions/Fixes from v3.0

  • Clean and simple magazine-style layout
  • Emphasis on post excerpts vs. full posts on front page
  • Redesign of THD main logo
  • Emphasis on Patrick Johnson and his 3D modeling work
  • Emphasis on Patrick’s portfolio
  • Galleries made more user-friendly on front and back end
  • Input and search forms easier to read and use
  • Implementation of tag cloud to for SEO and to make posts more accessible from within the site
  • Site comments being used by THD staff and administration as a better means of updating past projects
  • Transition from using static pages to the use more dynamic post archive information
  • Content streamlined and easier to navigate / locate
  • Contact form now submits emails in addition to internal site feedback submissions
  • Simple yet more effective security features implemented
  • Changelog split up into individual posts for better tracking and archiving
  • Site continues to update social media (i.e. Twitter and Facebook)
  • Subscription service streamlined
  • Elimination of page banners to place more focus on site content and images
  • Credits added to most images appearing on site (there are still a few in process, pending identification)

##[] 2016.12.18
## THD Remix v4.0 – Remaining Work To Be Performed

  • Links to be categorized and re-added to site
  • Each link to appear individually (similar to changelog) to better track and archive
  • Links to eventually include comments from Patrick and myself for why they were added here
  • This will not be a review system, merely our opinion and insight
  • Eventual visitor link submission system to be implemented
Amber [THD Admin]

About Amber [THD Admin]

Amber is the designer & administrator of The Hylden Dimension. Located in the Motor City, Amber enjoys freelance photography, web development, programming, traveling, live events, conventions, and a little PC gaming now and then.

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