Wraith Raziel Unity 5 Animation Tests

Hi all,

I have uploaded a video of those animations I’ve been working on, finally up and running in Unity 5. Didn’t expect the amount of issues I just dealt with and the time it took. If there’s a quirk in the system, some oddity, bug, or bit of zaniness in one of these programs and you need to unearth it? Just let me work on them. I seem to find them all… Consequently, this has put me back on my internal schedule of what I wanted to get done by it taking 2+ months now to optimize Raziel and get his animations working.

These animations aren’t fully polished. More work will be done, but now the Soul Revenant group can get to work on using those animations to hopefully get a new demo out sometime in the near future.

PS (feel free to skip this paragraph to the video): This perfectly illustrates what I mean by if it can happen, I’ll find it. When bringing in the model, since I have a lot more bones that just the ones Unity will find, I need to configure Unity to understand which bones to use in a couple of instances and get his T pose right, namely on the shoulders and knees. Well, this can only happen if it lets me see the bones and if they are in the green (good) zone, or in the red. In the new scene I was working on with just Raziel and his materials, well, it just wasn’t showing up. I looked and looked for a setting, because this hasn’t happened before. It always shows up. I googled, searched and searched. There is no answer because there is no setting that can be messed with, it doesn’t appear. I tried a new scene, starting fresh. Same result. This is where I curse the monitor, go and in my room and silently scream at the ceiling because I’m fed up :p Later, just on one hunch in my brain, I loaded the old Pillars scene with an earlier test of Raziel where I configured his skeleton. That, low and behold, shows up fine. I exited out of Unity, then loaded the new scene with the new Raziel. Low … and behold … it worked without an issue, showing me the bones. There’s no reason for it, it just happened. I think it wasn’t a display issue, but that when clicking “configure” the himanoid configure mode only partially loaded, or something like that. Whichever, it ruined a day’s time worth of work.


And with that lovely story, here’s the video. Animated in Maya. Little gem of a program, Symplygon, for optimizing the model. Scene in Unity 5:

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