Lieutenants Work


Hi all,

Endeavoring to post more often, here’s the work I went into after getting the animations on Raziel stable enough to show. I’m working on the Lieutenants right now. And Malek, though I haven’t done his low poly. Here are the low poly models currently. They are both the human and vampire models on top of one another, as I’m sculpting the base humanoid features in both before finalizing the vampire features. The one exception to that is the ears. So, you see the human base meshes here with the vampire ears and some of the human ears clipping through, in case that’s confusing anyone. Modeled in Zbrush and Maya. These faces are just the start and a lot of playing around will still happen to get them right. Turel isn’t looking quite right, for instance. But they’re coming along.


More updates to come.




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