Brethren Updates WIP


Here are the updates to the Lieutenants, fleshing them out. I did most of the work making hair cards for them to get that out of the way. In Maya with a transparent temp hair texture, they look good. Back in Zbrush, where these renders are out of, they help frame the face while I’m working on them, even though they have no textures on them.

I’m just about ready for the final details and painting of the models. In addition to finishing these guys and then going on to do their devolved forms, I didn’t mention before my intent this year. My goal is to try and get Kain’s intro scene from Blood Omen, where he’s ambushed and assassinated, completed by the end of the year. Trying for as much of it as I can, anyway. That is a lot. A whole town, a lot of models, fight choreography, the whole bit. Mortanius. So, there’s a lot I am shooting for. This level of work takes a lot of time, but I am trying as best I can to move things along.

The Lieutenants + Malek, still WIP and human for now:


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