Sarafan/Malek Armor WIP

WIP-Malek Armor

Hello all,

A quick update. While doing the brethren and Malek, I wanted to get their human attire roughed out, so I’ve done a bit of work on Malek’s armor concept. A mix of a bit of Soul Reaver 2’s updates with going back to the Blood Omen 1 roots. A few twists. In an effort to have the world feel like it’s progressing in technology, I don’t just have Malek here in full plate an mail. Since I’m envisioning BO1’s era comparable to 13th and 14th century, or even a bit of 15th century Europe, rewinding a bit, and in-keeping with a bit of Roman flair SR2 added to the Sarafan, I’m incorporating some Byzantine eastern Roman empire armor staples of, say the 7th though 11th, or 12th centuries. Instead of a full breastplate, it’s broken up into segmented pieces, or lamellar armour, and some scale mail pieces protecting the gaps. The segments each having one of the runes then makes it possible to have less solid plate yet still have the same stopping power as later plate armor would provide, or better, due to the runes. The lighter purple on top of his dark purple tunic is actually a few pieces that will have some tinted purple scale mail. I’m thinking some color added to some special metal alloys unique to the world of Nosgoth for that color variation. He’s still a bit more armored than actual real world would be, but taking into account they are protecting themselves against vampires, that makes sense. I might have a leather guard around his neck, for instance.

I hope the diagram version helps illustrate what I mean. I think I’ve worked enough to get the base concept down so I can move ahead with trying to finish the brethren’s head and body details. Malek’s armor pieces are modeled out of Maya.


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