Thank You All for All of Your Support!

Raziel-Intense Full

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to update as frequently as I have been here recently, but I did take a bit of time for Easter and other family stuff. I also wound up having to fix a lot of Lt. Raziel’s rig. I don’t know how I left it like that. I thought it was further along. I wanted to do a new render of him, since it’s been quite a while, as I’m finishing the other brothers, but that halted things. I had some of the face and body rigged, but a lot of it needed finishing, and then there was the issue of rigging the wings. All is done now. It occurred to me that I should do more renders of him and Kain if only to offer something to the people who so loyally follow my work over the years. It’s hard to tell, since the numbers go up and down seemingly at random at times, but I think Facebook has the number of people who follow my Hylden-Dimension page at 600, or about that now. That is great and I thank you all for the support 🙂 So, we ought to celebrate with something. A fan and longtime friend from the forums, Majinkura, coincidentally asked me if I could do renders of Raziel and Kain scowling/grimacing. I’d actually wanted to do a similar take on Raziel from the intro where he snarls at Kain touching his wings. Instead of looking back, however, I have him looking right at the viewer. You don’t want to be around when he has that look and he’s looking your way, haha. For Kain, there’s that GlyphX render of him where he has one side of his lip curled up in a snarl, the one where they unfortunately color cast it with a solid green. If you take the image in Photoshop and remove the color using auto tone, or auto color, you see a better representation of what he really looked like. For instance:

So, with that I can match the lighting better in Marmoset. Without further ado and thank you all again for supporting my fan endeavors over the years!

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