New Frontiers – Getting the Portfolio Together

Kain Animation Still

Greetings, it’s been a long time. Those who also follow the Facebook version of this Hylden Dimension gig will know that a lot of personal things have made working on things like this difficult the past couple of months. My dad passed away in July and I’ve had recent eye surgery to correct a slight lazy eye I never knew I had. Anyway, the time has come for me to put together the best of the best in what I’ve created over the years and make a portfolio to get hired. I have no more ties binding me, and time is a bit of the essence. I’ve already seen a lot of good jobs passing on Art Station, so I hope I can get this finalized soon. Speaking of, when I’ve updated Art Station I will post a link for it. (There is a link in the video at the end for it, but there’s nothing there yet…)

I’m currently working on finishing up the brethren, human and evolved vampire forms, so I can have more character work in my portfolio to show. I will be showing them soon, and trying to get the best of the best possible renders of what I have done so far. I’ve further tweaked, again, human Kain. I wanted to de-age some of his features, since fixing his facial proportions and also his body proportions then needed work after doing all of the brothers. I have Kain’s throne, the ruined Pillars, done, so a lot of good stuff to show is coming. This which I will start off with is the final rendering of that animation I showed in progress ages back of elder Kain animated to the opening of the Defiance intro. I have his throne done, the Reaver done, so what I wanted to do from the start was get a full scene rendered and now I finally have. It might not be necessary to get work doing character models, but I’ll offer it, and the animations I’ve done for Raziel, as a sort of bonus.

Without further ado, I call this video Legacy of Kain: Laments from the Throne:

In addition this post, here’s an upgrade to Ariel I am testing. I wanted to see her in her pure form with the bit of makeup that would be appropriate and with the upgrade rendering in Marmoset 3. I fixed an issue on her collar which was also bugging me. More to come on her and her ghost forms. About the only thing I am still not perfectly happy with here is the hair:

Ariel Makeup Test
© Patrick Johnson. All rights reserved.

More to come. Soul Revenant is also working hard and there will be more they will have to show coming soon. I did work on revamping the LoK title, with their help, and a brand new soul — a more undead humanoid ghost liked Defiance — and the base from that was a rotting, dried husk of a corpse, so I hope to show those wonderful goodies off soon, too. Thanks again for watching.


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