Wraith Raziel – Updated Renders

Wraith Raziel - Blade Drawn

Here’s some posed renders of our favorite blue corpse. I have a render of him with the Wraith Blade, too. It’s not quite the blade “model” that will be used in Soul Revenant, but let’s say it’s about what it should look like. We talked about having two versions. One where he isn’t facing an enemy and grabbing it in battle, where it will appear more like the wispy energy emanating from his wrist and hand, but the hand is open, like in the SR2 renders of it and how it emanated in SR1 and 2, particularly this iconic render: http://nosgoth.net/soulreaver2/images/sr2brokenpillar.jpg

And then, once he faces an enemy in battle, he grabs it like a sword, and it becomes more of a focused blade, like Defiance’s promotional renders, more than the full Reaver shape adherence the ingame look had and not so wide.

These are now posted on ArtStation also with the previous renders I showed here ages ago: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rw4Re More to come, but for now, enjoy these renders: