Nobleman Kain – Final Revisions

Kain - In Awe at the Pillars

Nobleman Kain in the Army of the Last Hope armor.

This finally is done. Had to work on the body proportions, details, softening his wrinkles, not to mention then all of the armor and clothing had to be altered to fit. The bottom belt and armor is higher on his waist now, about where it would be on a realistic armor. It was way low. The main issue with the body is that elder Kain’s collar bone and chest are lower than human, and sticking to that really pushed everything just that much off. The waist also needed revisions. Kain is still not a small guy, but he’s naturally proportioned, and not etched in detail like a Greek God. Working on Raziel and the brethren’s proportions gave me a lot more practice sculpting male bodies and the various types. What works and what doesn’t for realism. I believe he looks like a reasonably fit guy, still tall and strong, and about 30, finally. It’s been a long journey finding him, but I finally found the human Kain that could have existed.

I made some nice new renders showing off more dramatic, befitting stances for Kain, which you can see some of below. You can see more on ArtStation here:

And that is the other thing that took some time. I had the ruined Pillars and Kain’s throne done, but I needed to go back and update the corrupt Pillars. Always tweaking… Lots of textures… Anyway, the renders of Kain looking up at the Pillars, I have some nice, ominous imagery. Standing in the shadow of the Balance Pillar, Kain in awe, stares up with Cloak and hair blown back at the Balance Pillar’s glowing symbol. He did say in life few things moved him such as seeing the Pillars of Nosgoth, so here is that moment.