Finalizing the Ghost Form Remake of Ariel

Ghost Ariel - Forever Bound

The only real changes that I did here is that I let more of her natural skin tone shine through. She’s now paler, but not the look of dead meat, or maybe even vampires, before. Though I liked that look, it’s probably not as true to what I was going after with remaking her. I also upped the vibrancy and contrast in her wraps, which before were a little too flat-looking. Add to that just better renders and here we go. A new pose with her hair and wraps defying gravity a bit, as her hair did in Defiance, adds a new dimension to her look. She’s posed in a homage there to one of the Soul Reaver 2 concepts, with her arms out and the wraps and hair more dramatic, and the concepts for Blood Omen, which did similar with her hair.

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