Human Souls

The Eternal Scream

Perfect for Friday the 13th.

Remaking the souls for Soul Revenant. In the original Soul Reaver, they are just a blob of energy. By Legacy of Kain: Defiance, Crystal Dynamics showed souls as having their own humanoid form. though still made out of energy. In the original Blood Omen, we see ghosts, and we see the ghost of Ariel throughout the series. A more humanoid form for these poor wretches, something more macabre, seemed appropriate. When I was doing texture modding for Defiance, I attempted this type of redesign, something evoking The Scream, with a more corpse-like husk of a dead human. However, the nature of how they were presented meant my texturing was blown out and you couldn’t even tell. Here, I can finally see that vision come to life. They were done pretty much in a few hours. Moderate detail only, since they’re going to be made out of light in the game and mostly a blur anyway.

The Soul Revenant team says these look especially creepy ingame. I animated them to have some tortured, bewildered and terrified animations. When Raziel feeds on them, they’ll reach out to get away, stretch, and shrink again to morph into nothing but energy the closer to his cowl they get. I plan on doing a vampire version, too (not the wraiths, but souls who haven’t evolved yet to become wraiths).

There is a base mesh which I have, before distorting it to these exaggerations, which I also plan to make from it long-dead and dried corpses to litter the land, and other corpses.


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