The Vamprie Rahab Updates

Vampire Rahab

Greetings, all! I know I haven’t updated in quite a while. As per my last postings, I was showing my portfolio and gearing up for using it to, hopefully, land a job ASAP. I have a contract job going which is, thankfully, sustaining me right now. Due to that, I haven’t had time to update most anything here. When I had some down time between blasting out resumes and such, I did work more on finishing Rahab’s head and torso, and so I wanted to at least show renders of that for a Christmas update. Oh, and I also wound up projecting my Pillars textures onto the Defiance ones and, along with that, I’m working now and then on upgrading the surrounding textures in those areas. I’ll put together a skin pack for use in Texmod as soon as both the BO1 era and the frozen winter Sarafan era versions are done. Or maybe just the BO1 era with Ariel. Might try and project my new model Ariel’s textures onto the Defiance ones, too.


Ok, anyway, here is the update to the vampire Rahab. In detailing him, I didn’t just want to throw a scales pattern on him and that’s it. I tried to think of how his features would be changing and how. I looked at dried heads of piranha, head and bodies of goliath tigerfish, and the bodies of armored catfish for inspiration on how the skeleton underneath would change and the specific scale patterns would form. Enjoy and have a safe and merry holiday season, and a merry Christmas, everyone:


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