If memory serves correctly, The Clan of The Unseen Fangs was founded in 2001 partly due to a joke between (approximately) 3 different Eidos Community Forums members over another member who was known to excessively troll the far reaches of the internet.

Initially, this elite group of troll hunters actually dubbed themselves “Clan of the Unseen Mighty Fangs” which somehow ended up being shortened to TCoTUF somewhere betwen late 2001 and 2002. Once the troll meanace was vanquished, TCoTUF ultimately assumed the role of the Official Legacy of Kain Fan Base; aiming to inform and entertain new Eidos Community Forums members about the Legacy of Kain series. Additionally, they established and promoted an extensive fan community and served as peacekeepers on various online LOK-related message boards. Unfortunately after the excitement surrounding Defiance deminished, so did the membership and activity of TCoTUF. By mid 2004 TCoTUF offficially disbanded and the rest is (as they say) history.

With the announcement of Nosgoth in 2013, the members of TCoTUF elected to get back together. With that said, we welcome all LOK fans (new and old) to join us in promoting the LOK Community and (most importantly) have fun in doing so.

THE HYLDEN DIMENSION pays homage to the original members of TCoTUF; whom (to this day). These individuals have established the foundation for the great LOK gaming community we have all come to love and continue to serve as pillars of that community today, and will continue doing so for many years to come.

Active Founding Members of The Clan of The Unseen Fangs:

  • Blincoln
  • Divine Shadow (aka Mama Robotnik)
  • Tenaya
  • Ardeth Silvereni
  • Vampmaster
  • The Hylden
  • Jeffers
  • Daniel Cabuco

Semi-Active & Non-Active Founding Members of The Clan of The Unseen Fangs:

  • warpsavant
  • willow
  • Riovanes
  • Serul
  • Omega
  • Azuriel
  • Rook
  • keepittrue
  • darien_specter
  • Amber
  • Anubis_Orr
  • Azrael
  • Uriel
  • RoyalMarine1980
  • Sarah
  • Lady Kreliana
  • dago
  • hunnie
  • Epsillion
  • esoteric
  • Jedilvr
  • Bloodlust
  • LauraOrganaSolo
  • L_Master56
  • Glucolosis
  • Kain the Undying
  • Koolkat
  • Time Streamer
  • The Amazing Rando
  • Christopher Bruno (former QA Manager of Crystal Dynamics)
  • Azazel
  • Embla
  • Lucent
  • Power Reaver
  • Illidian Stormrage
  • NoobSaibot
  • chuffy
  • DarkWraith
  • Sade Lyrate
  • Mallinger
  • Ranmyaku

Honorary Members of The Clan of The Unseen Fangs:

  • Amy Hennig (2002)
  • Raina Audron (September 2013)
  • Bazielim (September 2013)
  • Ber (September 2013)
  • lucinvampire (September 2013)
  • JustMike (September 2013)
  • ammon (September 2013),
  • Moesph/The Real Moebius (September 2013)
  • Lord Aevum (September 2013)
  • Trevor B. (September 2013)
  • Jason W. (September 2013)
  • Bill B. (September 2013)
  • Joe B. (September 2013)
  • Rob R. (September 2013)
  • George K. (September 2013)
  • majinkura (November 2013)


Note to visitors: we have done our best to research and develop this comprehensive list of the original TCoTUF members. Please be advised that certain names may have been omitted from this list. Omissions were not intentional but are due to the fact that it has been over a decade since TCoTUF was first active and we simply cannot remember everyone who participated. If you or someone you know was ever a member of TCoTUF, please feel free to contact us and let us know so we can recognize you here accordingly.